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Necklace gemstones

Necklace gemstones

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Necklace made of unakite gemstones. Unakite is a mixture of epidote, quartz and feldspar. The Greeks called it “Unakis Epidosis” (in English: grow together), which refers to its composition.

Unakite (epidote) is one of the most important healing stones of all. Unakite increases resilience, has a relaxing effect and gives more self-confidence. It also brings hope and patience and helps with self-pity, resignation or grief.

Color: Bronze | Green

Length: approx. 52 cm

NOTE: Please note that this is a vintage piece. Signs of wear are inevitable and are part of the charm. Major defects will be photographed and documented in the description. All products have been cleaned and, if necessary, repaired and/or changed. The model is size M (EU38/UK10/Medium) and 5'7 (176 cm) tall. This item is subject to differential taxation in accordance with Section 25a UStG; VAT is not shown on the invoice.

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